JAKEDA implements schemes aimed at meeting the energy requirements in general and un-electrified areas of the state in particular by harnessing new and renewable energy sources of energy such as 

1    Solar energy
2     Wind energy
3     Small Hydro Power Projects (up to 2 MW)
4     Bio-energy (biomass/ bio-wastes: agricultural /rural/ urban/ industrial)
5     New energy sources (hydrogen, geothermal, tidal, etc.)

JAKEDA gets funds from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India as well as the State Govt for the implementation of various projects in the state. The activities of JAKEDA are essentially aimed at meeting the energy requirement of people (especially those without access to electricity who are living in remote areas) on a sustainable basis.

   The centrally sponsored and the State Plan funded schemes being implemented by the JAKEDA are detailed as under:-

1   Smokeless Chullha:

            The scheme aims at controlling pollution in the interior of the households caused by smoke, raising of efficiency of fuel, conserving fire wood, cow dung and also to contain the degradation of forest wealth.  The cost of a Chullha comes about Rs. 1450/- (including tax).  The pattern of subsidy is 100%.


2   Gobar Gas Plants:

            The main objective of this scheme is to provide fuel for cooking and lighting in a clean and un-polluted form to the rural households.  The scheme is centrally sponsored   National Biogas and Manure Management Programme(NBMMP)  The estimated cost of 2cu.m domestic  biogas floating dome (Pragati Model) is Rs. 0.40 Lakh and is shared between the Centre, State and beneficiary in the following manner:-
i)          Centre             0.10 Lakh per plant
ii)         State               0. 24 Lakh per plant
iii        Beneficiary     0.06 Lakh (average) per plant

3   Distribution of Energy Saving Devices:

            This scheme helps in saving time and energy by using devices like pressure cookers, compact florescent luminous tubes etc. as “Energy save is Energy Produces”.
4   Mini/Micro Hydel Project:

            Generation of electricity from water power is one of the oldest and proven techniques.  There is no dearth of potential for micro hydel projects in the state.  The scheme is implemented particularly in remote villages where this water  power is available but electricity is a distant dream.  The scheme is implemented by constituting village Energy Committees (VECs) who can run the show after commissioning of such projects as 02 grass root engineers are selected and trained amongst the villagers.   

5   Up-gradation of Water Mills:

            Under this scheme traditional Water Mills are up-graded for the mechanical and 3-5 KW electrical purpose. The scheme is Centrally Sponsored, Development/Up-gradation of water Mills and Setting up Micro Hydel Project upto (100 KW).  The estimated cost of up-gradation of one water mill is 2.80 lakh approximately and is shared between Centre,  State and beneficiary in the following manner:-
i)          Centre             1.10 Lakh
ii)         State               1.42 Lakh
iii        Beneficiary     0.28 Lakh 


J&K State Science, Technology and Innovation Council (JAKSSTIC)

Schemes that are being implemented to achieve the objectives are given as below

(1)   Science Popularization
Under this scheme the JAKSSTIC extends catalytic support to scientific organizations, universities, colleges and schools etc, to organize various S&T programmers viz, Science & Technology exhibitions, teachers training programmes, oratorial and Essay writing competitions, demonstrations, debates, quizzes, seminars, scientific conferences& to celebrate science days/weeks etc. for promoting and popularizing science and technology and its potential in the state. Partial financial assistance  is also provided to Research and Development Institutions, Universities, Educational Institutions etc for organizing National/international conferences/seminars/symposia  in the State . Financial assistance is also provided to R&D institutions of state to hold Annual JK Science congress on the pattern of Indian Science Congress to provide forum to the scientists of the state for research interaction with eminent scientists of the country and amongst them selves.

 (3)  Sponsored Research and Extension Program
 Under this scheme JAKSSTIC provides financial assistance to the scientists working in universities and other Research and Development Institutions of the State to conduct research /investigate socioeconomic problems which require scientific solutions in various thrust areas of development. Extension programmes for taking /testing laboratory technologies in the actual field are also undertaken for further dissemination.
(4)   Technology Transfer
Under this scheme appropriate technologies are procured from Research laboratories and introduced in the state for use in industry, rural development, agriculture, research and education etc. to reduce manual hardships, increase productivity, to improve R&D capabilities/skills.
 (5)   S&T Information Bank
Under this scheme data base on important parameters like S&T manpower, infrastructure, equipment, resources, publications, &Technologies which are essential for S&T Planning and Development process of the State are developed& disseminated for the benefit of researchers & students in addition partial financial assistance is also provided to organizations/departments which bring about S&T publications, books, magazines which help to spread Science and Technology among children and the masses in local languages of  J&K.
(6)  Science Talent Promotion
This scheme is aimed at encouraging science talent and development of human resource in the state by award of Scholarships to students, conferring Awards to scientists and by providing fellowships for improving professional capabilities/skills in various R&D areas of Science and Technology In addition partial financial assistance is provided to state based scientists /researchers to participate & present their research findings in national/international conferences, seminars, workshops etc.

(7)    Development of Manpower in Biotechnology

Through this scheme the JAKSSTIC encourages development of manpower in biotechnology for socio-economic development of the state. Besides, manpower development, support is also provided to R&D institutions /universities for developing infrastructure related to biotechnology, for organizing programmes for promotion and popularization of biotechnology In addition  financial assistance is also provided to the biotechnologists working in universities and other Research and Development Institutions of the State to conduct research /investigate biotechnology projects In addition, specialized training programmes for biotechnology unemployed youths with the help of R&D Institutions / biotechnology Institutions are also sponsored for skill up-gradation of unemployed biotechnology youth

(8)    District Science and Technology Activities
Under this scheme S&T programmes /activities are under taken at District level by organizing various science popularization activities, entrepreneurship awareness/ development camps, demonstration of rural technologies, popular science lectures on biotechnology, extension/ awareness programmes, celebration of National Science days/weeks.
(9)    S&T Entrepreneurship
Under this scheme entrepreneurship motivational camps and specialized training programmes are being sponsored through entrepreneurship institute for final year students of engineering college, polytechnics and unemployed science and technology youth to motivate them to become self employed in different S&T trades organizing entrepreneurship awareness/development camps.
(10)  S&T for Backward areas
Under this scheme specific programmes are initiated for upgrading existing infrastructure of development sectors in backward areas with modern scientific equipments/instrument facilities.